Hello world!

The default title for this first post couldn’t really be more appropriate really, could it?

Hi! I’m Tori, I’m 28 and currently expecting my first baby! I have blogged before, mainly on fitness (I’m not any fitter so that didn’t go so well), foods (God, I love to eat) and politics (I’m a nurse working under Jeremy Hunt…if this doesn’t frustrate you I don’t know what will) so I thought I’d write about this, too. I live with my partner, Andrew and we’re incredibly excited, terrified and still marvelling at the miracle that is conception. I thought it would take AGES to conceive, but within the first month I became pregnant. I previously have had polycystic ovaries and was genuinely convinced I would never conceive that easily so I truly know how fortunate we are that this has happened for us so quickly. I don’t take it for granted.

How many more should I take before this sinks in!?

How many more should I take before this sinks in!?

SO. Onto the pregnancy! I am 11 weeks tomorrow, and boy do I know it. I found out at five weeks and since week six have been suffering with pretty bad nausea and vomiting. Most days I’m vomiting every few hours and the nausea even wakes me up at night. It hasn’t been that fun and there have definitely been days where I’ve laid in bed crying all day feeling desperately sorry for myself. It hasn’t let up yet but I’m hoping any day now. Is it like this for anyone else?

Pregnancy sickness is worse if you have a high BMI (mine is over 30, unfortunately), first pregnancy (yup!) or if you are carrying twins. We had an early scan at 8 weeks as I was suffering from some pains and there is definitely just one in there, so I can only assume that its the other two and that I’ve been unlucky so far. NOTHING has helped, just eating small meals regularly. I’ve tried ginger, acupressure bands, lemon teas, even medication which I reluctantly accepted from our doctor but it didn’t really have an effect so I’m reluctant to take anything if it isn’t necessary. Anyone have any other solutions?

We have seen our midwife already who seems lovely, had all of the initial blood tests and we have our scan in nearly two weeks- I’ll be 12+6 on the day. Nervous for that but I’m thinking positive thoughts!

Best Wishes,




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