An early scan



Here he/she is! What a cute little alien!

I was eight weeks when I began to experience pretty excruciating pains in my lower right abdomen. As a nurse myself I know that this can be a sign of eptopic pregnancy so was fairly concerned. Eptopic pregnancy is where the embryo gets lodged in the fallopian tube- some people don’t find this out until their 12 week scan, others experience the pain long before then. Unfortunately an eptopic pregnancy is never viable and either surgery or medications are given to terminate the pregnancy. So here I am experiencing pretty bad abdominal pain and wondering what we should do. I phoned the out of hours GP service who advised me to go straight to our local emergency department as I was too soon into the pregnancy to present at the local EPU. The problem is I used to, and still do sometimes on agency shifts, work at our local emergency department! However we didn’t have any other options and by this point I was pretty worried and tired from the pain. So off we went- luckily when I got there they were brilliant and gave me the best privacy they could. They also made sure only the doctors knew about the pregnancy and didn’t write much on my notes as I was really reluctant to have anyone else know this early on.

We waited a few hours in the ED and then were referred to our local maternity hospital-which is right across the road from the general hospital where the ED is. So after the SHORTEST ambulance ride (seriously, I probably could have walked quicker if it wasn’t for the pain and morphine)  we waited in the admissions ward for another few hours before I was admitted and a scan was booked for the morning (it was about 5am by now).

Going into the scan room was pretty emotional- the sonographer warned us that as it was our first scan they could find anything on it- but obviously it was hoped there would be a viable embryo in the uterus and at eight weeks they would hope to see the heartbeat- which is exactly what we saw! One of the most amazing moments of my life- Knowing that the little bean shaped being on the screen with a heart beating was currently in my tummy was surreal!

I have had previous ovarian cysts which have required surgery in the past- turns out there are probably some adhesions (scar tissue) as my ovaries are pretty close to my uterus. As it’s growing it may be causing the pain but it shouldn’t cause any problems in the pregnancy. I was discharged later the same day and have only had the pain a few times since. Not the nicest few days but i’m glad we got to see an early scan- I’ve been a lot less anxious since. How do people wait until twelve weeks for scan!?

Best wishes,



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