34 weeks.

It seems like forever since I was posting about our early scan at 8 weeks- and my whole ‘blog’ idea went down the pan! I’m the worst person at committing to writing regularly, but I do plan to be better! Just like I plan to exclusively breastfeed, puree organic vegetables when our little girl moves on to solids, and have a natural labour. Ha!! More about that later.

So I’m 34 weeks tomorrow, and it really has seemed like the longest pregnancy. Although according to the rest of my family it’s been mega fast! Our 12 week scan went without a hitch, our screening blood tests came back normal and at 20 weeks we found out we were having a girl! Honestly, I was so convinced we had a little boy in there that I paid for a private scan, just to be sure.

All in all I’ve had an uneventful, easy pregnancy thus far. But boy (or girl, as the case may be) was I sick in the beginning. I vomited every few hours, 24 hours a day, for WEEKS. From about week 7 to week 22. And then intermittently from 22-24 weeks. Then I FINALLY began to feel human. It truly was terrible and I remember thinking at the time that I would never be able to go through it again. I guess like people supposedly forget the pain of labour (hopefully!) you also forget how ill you felt in the beginning. If you’re going through it now then trust me, it does get better. Hang in there, because right now, I would do it all again in a heartbeat for this little life inside of me.

SO. 34 weeks. I started maternity leave last week and just had the first christmas I’ve had off in about ten years. That’s a nurses life for you. Christmas with the family was wonderful and I’ve tried to appreciate all the time off. Today, however, I’ve been pretty restless. I woke early and was up and in the nursery by 8am sorting through our new purchases and generally pottering around. We finished painting and putting the furniture up last week so today I achieved a lot:

-Moved the nursing chair to where I wanted it, put down the new rug for our ‘cosy corner’ as I’ve started to call it and set up our new lamp and table. This is hopefully going to be where my breastfeeding takes place and I wanted the lamp and table in the corner so that I can keep drinks, snacks and my ipad for crucial iplayer viewing throughout the night feeds!


-Washed all of the vests and sleep suits in non-bio fairy detergent, only to discover this smell made me really sick when I was pregnant early on so now I can’t stand the smell of the new clothes! But hey, I’ll have to suck it up. I’ve decided not to wash all of the outer wear, more formal clothes like dresses, tights, cardigans, dungarees. Mainly because I want to sell/return clothes if she doesn’t end up wearing them and I want the labels on them so that I can see which sizes/ months I have in the wardrobe! I can always wash them at a later date.

-I also packed my hospital bag today! Yey! It’s quite early for me still, but no one in my family has ever got to 37 weeks with their babies so I thought it best (I’ll be the bloody person induced at 42 weeks now I’ve said that!). Plus Andrew threatened to pack it for me if I didn’t get on with it. Man, there is A LOT of stuff to take with you. I’ve ended up packing a very small suitcase (easier to roll than carry!) for me and used my new changing bag to pack baby’s stuff in. You can check out what I packed here.

So actually, I did LOADS today, and have felt very awake. in fact, I’ve had no nap at all which is highly unusual for these days. Is this nesting? I haven’t had the urge to clean or scrub the floors yet though….







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