The Hospital Bag.

So yesterday I packed mine and baby’s hospital bags and thought I would share exactly what went in them. I was hoping to get everything into one small suitcase but although I think I packed essentials it all took up a lot more space than anticipated. I ended up packing a small suitcase for me and put the baby stuff in our new baby bag, which worked out well as we won’t need to riffle through everything to get stuff for me when I’m in labour.


See? Not too overpacked!

So here’s what went in:

My bag:

 -A birthing nightie/top- I got this from primark and it really isn’t too bad- it’s a long t-shirt with a cute little pair of shorts, but the top is definitely long enough and light/cool enough to give birth in I think.

-A pair of regular pajamas for after birth, plus an extra couple of vest tops for comfort/ breastfeeding

-a full outfit for going home in. I guess you never know what you’re going to be wearing when you go into labour or hospital and I know I’m going to want to be completely fresh and clean going home, so I packed leggings, a vest top, denim shirt ( I wanna channel the ‘fresh baby mamma’ look, nursing bra x 1 (Andrew can always bring in more if needed) and BIG pants.

-a towel


-five pairs of big pants

-maternity pads

-regular sanitary towels

-breast pads x 10 (I didn’t want to pack a whole box!)

-a wash bag- mini shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant for both myself and Andrew, 2x travel toothbrushes, mini toothpaste, lip balm, a tube of moisturiser, hair mousse ( If I want to wash my hair and I don’t have straighteners or blow-dry this will stop me looking like a frizzy mess!), make-up remover wipes.

-Nipple cream

-bikini bottoms (in case I want a bath at the labour ward)

-TENS machine with new batteries, checked and working. I got a TENS machine a few years ago when I slipped a disc in my back, and it really helped with the back and nerve pain then, so I figured it might help here. We’re going through our birth plan at week 36 with our midwife and I definitely plan to have the TENS on if it relieves any of the pain.

-ipad, with charger- I probably won’t use this much but it does have some films, books and I can watch TV if wanted.

-my V pillow- this has been such a life-saver throughout my pregnancy. It props me up well and it brilliant at wrapping round bump/ back/ under my bum to sleep in a comfortable position. Also it will have a smell of comfort and familiarity which I think will help with resting in hospital.

-make-up bag- I’ll throw this in at the last minute. I like to think that I’ll have time to have a bath, blow-dry and make-up during the early stages of labour (everyone tells you how long the first baby can take!) but if I don’t, that’s fine. I will definitely apply some before going home though as I want to look nice for visitors and photos! Is it silly to think I’ll have  a moment to do a quick foundation base and a highlight to go for the ‘dewy’ look? We’ll see!

-cash and coins, for vending machines and parking. I don’t want to have to detour to the cashpoint on the way to the hospital.

-electrolyte sports drinks and snacks- I’ll add these in nearer the time.

Baby’s bag:

 -one pack of ten nappies- I have no idea how many we’ll need but again, Andrew can bring in some more!

-One pack of sensitive first touch wipes. We debated on whether we should use cotton wool and water, but in reality I don’t think we’d be doing that very long. What do you do when you go out with baby?

-a pack of muslin clothes

-4 long sleeve vests

-3 sleepsuits

-1 cardigan


-a hat

-a blanket

I’m planning to bring her home in  a vest, sleep suit, blanket, hat and mittens. I feel sorry for her having to wear clothes after so long without them, so I’m sticking to soft sleep suits for the first few days!


So there we go! Did I forget anything?





10 thoughts on “The Hospital Bag.

  1. themrsyepes says:

    Great list! My bag is packed and ready to go as well, had it done at 20 weeks just in case!!! Will share mine soon too! But thank you for posting, I can add some things I may have missed xoxo


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