Our baby is due next month!

We can finally say today that our baby is due this year and next month!! Happy New Year everyone!

The long wait to say this has seemed eternal and now I can’t really believe we’re nearly at the end. I remember the very early days of finding out, of checking my pregnancy app daily for the changing baby updates, checking what size our little pea was that week (avocado seemed like a good solid size) and of course the sickness. There was also the anxiety of waiting for the ‘safe’ time. I’ve so very sadly seen babies lost frequently in my job, and a close family friend lost her little boy at full term last year, so I am acutely aware of how lucky we are, but also that anything could go wrong in this pregnancy. I didn’t really relax until week 26, and we didn’t buy anything until then. My mum got lots of clothes before that but I would only have them in the house after week 24 or so. I remember in the early days going to bed each night and thinking ‘phew, that’s another day where this little pea is still inside me’. We really haven’t taken this for granted, and still don’t.

I’m going to miss being pregnant in some ways- I have liked the attention (who doesn’t?), how caring and precious people are with you (although I do remind my mum frequently that I am capable of hoovering and carrying my own bags still!) and I love simply laying in bed at night and feeling our baby move and her responding to my touch. At the moment it’s just me and her, together, and it’s so precious. Sometimes, I don’t want to share her.

But I can’t wait to meet her! And for us to be a family and for Andrew to finally meet his first baby girl. He’s going to be such a great father and I’m going to cry with joy when I see her in his arms. Ok, now I’m gushing. I also can’t wait to be able to move around more freely, to sleep on my front again, to not need a wee every two hours (I’ll be doing my pelvic floors even more frequently than I do them now!), and to have a glass of red wine! Although that’s not going to be for a while as I’m planning to breastfeed.

Our life together is going to change so much soon and sometimes, honestly, it’s a little overwhelming. We aren’t perfect people and our living/ money situation could always be improved. But if we waited to have that perfect dream home, or abundance of money then I’m not sure anyone would be ‘ready’ to have a baby so I have to trust that it will all work out. We are, however, committed to each other, and are completely emotionally ready to welcome our child into the world and nuture, teach and love her. Which is lucky, because she’s going to be here NEXT MONTH!


Happy new year.




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