The Pram.

Choosing our pram or ‘travel system’ was probably the most difficult and time-consuming item to buy when preparing for this baby. There are so many things to consider and so many questions! There are hundreds of makes, models and systems out there and every guide, review and mother has an opinion on which ones are best.

I started with reading the Which? and The Independant’s guide to travel systems and made a note of which ones seemed to be the best and of the features that stood out as important to me. These were:

  • Under £500, if possible, for the whole system, excluding car seat/ isofix (although a bonus if these could be included). I felt that this was a good ‘middle’ price range although of course we could spend a lot less or buy second hand.
  • Able to attach a compatible carseat onto the chassis for easier quick trips inside shops.
  • A flat laying pram, ideally that will convert into the sit up seat later on.
  • A fair amount of storage space at the bottom- this wasn’t a complete must as I would have use of the car most days but I definitely wanted enough for some light shopping or my bag if I didn’t want it hanging on the handle bars.
  • aesthetically pleasing- I’m not sure if this is that important for everyone but I definitely wanted something that would look good and was gender neutral so that I could use it for future babies.
  • A seat that would turn either way for the pram to be front or parent facing.

After I had an idea of what seemed important off we went for a trip to Mothercare. The first time we went round I was truly overwhelmed and actually left crying. This was probably due to hormones and other stresses but also because we realised how expensive prams actually are! The ones I absolutely loved were all closer to over £900 and I just didn’t know where to start. So that trip was a bit of a disaster…

After leaving things (mainly my hormones!) to settle for a few days I went back to have a look with a more level head and a print out of some prams that I thought might fit my criteria. Some of mothercare’s own prams were actually high on the list but in the end I loved the Oyster 2 as it seemed to tick all the boxes and looked really nice! However we then encountered another problem. Andrew is 6ft 3 and it seemed that every pram we looked at wasn’t tall enough- the handle bars were too short or the actual pram sat on the chassis too low. Makes such as the icandy, Egg and Stokke seemed to have much higher sitting seats and a better adjustable handle but these were way out of our price range. I also looked up ex-display and second hand versions of these on ebay but they were still too pricy.

After visiting lots of different stores and doing hours of internet searches we decided to stick to the Oyster 2, the first one I had liked. We purchased some adapters with it to make the seat slightly higher and now it’s home and set up the handles are tall enough but the pram is still slightly low for Andrew. However it ticks all of our other boxes and we got a great deal:

  • £690 for the silver chassis, flat laying pram (This is separate to the seat unit but is so comfortable and can double as moses basket/ travel cot in the early weeks to keep baby asleep in other places), seat unit, rain covers, colour set (we chose khaki and this can be changed at any time), isofix base (worth £100) and the carseat which is compatible with the system (free when purchasing the pram!). The seat/flat laying unit can also be put on either front or parent facing. So slightly over budget but it really did tick all of our boxes and included everything we needed, plus I think it looks great!

Hopefully we made the right decision this really was the most stressful (and expensive!) purchase so far. I can’t wait to use it and will post a review when I do!




5 thoughts on “The Pram.

  1. abirose03 says:

    I know a few people who have this pram and love it, so I’m sure you will too! We went for a Mothercare one, as my sister had it and raved about it, and it saved us having to stress of searching for a good one! So far, so good 🙂


  2. missbeckymuz says:

    This looks great – we didn’t look at this one. We got the same deal as you but on the Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT. It folds up really small with a one handed press and twist, which is fab! The Mothercare ones are nice but my friend had an Orb and had to return it in the end as it broke so many times. Have heard good things from others about them though. Will be interested to read a review on your oyster.


      • missbeckymuz says:

        My hubby isn’t too tall so we haven’t had a problem with that! The few times we’ve tested it we’ve really liked it but not picking it up for a few months as baby not due until May.x


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