The Nursery furniture.

Sorry if the last few ‘purchase and planning’ posts have been rather dull, but I want to document everything with this baby, and that means all the thoughts and effort that went into planning! I’ll get back to moaning about my aches, pains and impatience soon enough…

We chose and purchased our nursery furniture set a few weeks ago and now it’s all together I think it looks great!

You could spend hundreds if not over a thousand pounds easily on a furniture set for the nursery and there are some truly beautiful sets out there. I love furniture restoration and did consider restoring some existing pieces and finding a cot but in the end we went with a set that could be re-used and would go with any decor for a changing toddlers needs.

We went with the ‘Rocco’ set by Mamas and Papas, featured in Argos. It was originally around £700 for the set and then was reduced to £399 which was a complete bargain. It consisted of the cot, which had three height levels and could be made into a toddler bed (can be used up until about 4 years old) complete with a under-cot draw, a wardrobe with two rails and a chest of four draws with changing top attachment that is simply removed later on to create a normal chest of draws. The draws are way tall enough for Andrew to use (see previous post!) and the cot is a great height.

We also have a bookcase, rocking/nursing chair, foot stool, small lamp table and rug in the nursery and it’s starting to look lovely and snug.  We have so much space in there but I’m sure it will all be used up once we start buying more clothes and toys for her.






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