36 Weeks.

So only a week has past since ‘week 35’ (duh), and what a long week it’s been! Time is slowing down, days contain 100 hours and each night is LONG. I’m so impatient for this baby to be here now! Except I have two baby showers (both mine!), one works lunch and plenty of social engagements in the next two weeks so it would be convenient if she came after I’d finished all of that.

I’m hormonal, flitting between thinking I’m so bored that I get fed-up and cry to reminding myself that I’ve been waiting for this maternity leave for 9 months and that I should be enjoying every moment!

But every day is so LONG.

When you are used to working full time and spending every other hour being pretty active, studying and socialising, suddenly not working at all for the first time in ten years comes as a shock to the system. It truly was a physical and emotional adjustment but coming to the end of this week I’m definitely now used to it and much more relaxed. I have tried to organise one social thing each day and I’m doing little projects ( See ‘creative projects‘) that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time. I also have A LOT of birthdays around the time she is due so I’ve been shopping and gathered presents and cards for most people so that whenever she comes I have gifts organised.

I also (now you’ll laugh) have tried to keep myself ‘ready’ for labour. I’ve applied a good tinted moisturiser after each shower to keep a glow going, kept my nails done, had a pedicure and each time I’ve washed my hair I’ve blowdried it properly. I’ve also shaved. Which is difficult when you can’t see your feet, let alone anything else.

Let’s hope the days speed up!



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