Surprise baby shower!

Yesterday my mum and my sister threw us a surprise baby shower! I did know that my mum was organising one as I had given her a list of invites and I got twenty-four hours notice for this so I could make sure I didn’t turn up at her house having not made any effort. But I really wasn’t expecting it to be this weekend (I had a couple of weeks away in my head) so I got REALLY excited when I received the text. It was like Christmas day!

Walking in to my mums house and seeing all the decorations and putting the ‘mummy-to-be’ sash on made this all seem absolutely real so I cried pretty much straight away. I also cried when we opened our wonderful gifts (Thank you so much everyone!), and also when we cut this beautiful cake that my sister baked us.

We have called our little girl Pea from the outset so that got me crying again. It was an emotional day!

When you think of having a baby you think about all of these traditions that come before birth- Babymoons, buying the pram, decorating the nursery, washing all of the babygrows, packing the hospital bag and the baby shower! As each one passes the whole experience becomes more surreal and we are closer to meeting our little girl. We are both so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends around us and I feel like we have a lot of people investing in us at the moment, which is a real blessing.


Thank you all.



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