A back-to-back baby.

Hi all! So I’m now 36 weeks + 1 and we visited our midwife yesterday for the usual antenatal check and to get our birth plan together. I’ll go through the birth plan over the weekend in a separate post but thought I’d write here about how this week is going.

LONG! Each day/week continues to be slow because I can’t wait to go into labour now! I am making the most of the time off and making lots of social plans too as It’ll be harder to catch up with people once Pea is here. I also have my works baby shower and a spa day next week but anytime after that is fine! We had our lovely surprise baby shower last weekend and ended the day with all of our friends at a quiz night in a local bistro which was lovely. I also caught up with my team at work at our annual late christmas get together. We tend to do ours in January because 1) we have never been that organised and 2) it’s nice to have another event to look forward to in the new year! One of our lovely colleagues hosted us at hers and cooked the most amazing christmas dinner- turkey, gammon, salmon with all the trimmings. We played games until late and it was really nice to see everyone. I also have ANOTHER and final Christmas dinner of the year this weekend as my brother is home from London for a few weeks recovering from an operation. He was travelling over Christmas so it’s nice to have him home for some family time. I’m hoping Pea makes an appearance while he’s here in the few weeks!

Our 36 week check was fine- I discussed some anxieties I have with the midwife about finding it increasingly difficult to feel baby move this week, perhaps due to my anterior placenta and the fact that she’s running out of room. She reassured us that we were doing the right things by monitoring the movements closely and to go whenever we were concerned for a CTG test at the hospital. So far we’ve only had to go twice so I don’t feel too over-protective or needy at the moment.

All of our checks were fine and I’ve only put on 19 pounds so far which is well within the normal range. I also discussed some period-type pains and lower back pain that I’ve been having which is a good sign and normal apparently. However our midwife thinks baby is currently back to back, which is why I’ve felt so uncomfortable this week. This obviously isn’t ideal however most babies ‘corkscrew’ into the correct position during labour. If I go into labour with her back-to-back it may mean it’ll be longer, more painful or intermittent so I’m doing everything I can to move her round into a back-to front or at least sideways position to relieve my discomfort. Her head is still down but she isn’t engaged yet.

positon 3

We’re in the posterior position, and I’m trying to bounce her into the anterior!


I’ve spent a lot of time bouncing on my birthing ball  (which she loves!) or stretching on all fours the last two days and have reminded myself to sit up right with my pelvis above my knees (no slouching on the low sofa with my legs up) or sit upright in bed to rest instead. I’ve also been using hot water bottles and hassling Andrew for back massages, which he’s amazing at, luckily.


Come on Baby!

The back pain combined with a re-occurrence of some pelvic girdle pain has made for an uncomfortable week so far but it’s all for a good cause and at least I’m not at work!

Hope you’re all feeling well!




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