37 Weeks.

I was 37 weeks a few days ago and boy am I ready for this little baby to come out now! Although I was reminded the other day that I could still be pregnant for another month if I went overdue (Thanks Emma!), so I’m trying not to be too impatient.

It’s been a lovely week and I’m definitely over the stage of wishing I was still at work. In hindsight I wouldn’t have finished so early as that contributed to my boredom but with four weeks annual leave left to take and wanting christmas off (which has NEVER happened) it was suitable for this time of year. It just meant I was off from just under 34 weeks which is a long wait! I’m really enjoying this free time before baby now though, and trying to make the most of it. I’ve said yes to every social invitation that has come my way and caught up with a lot of friends that I don’t see too often.  I had a wonderful second baby shower on Thursday with all of my works colleagues and was thoroughly spoilt yet again- I swear this baby will never have to wear a babygrow or vest twice (I’m not exaggerating- we must have 100!). It was massively touching to see so many friends and colleagues make the effort to come and it was lovely to catch up.


The baby shower spread!

On Friday it was my friend Emma’s birthday so four of us went to the spa for the day, which was just the ticket! It was so relaxing just to swim and sit in the relaxation room, I was really forced to do nothing at all which was great. We all had treatments and then went to TGI’s for lunch- such a beautiful day!


Dream day at the Spa. Happy birthday Emma!

Physically I’ve been much more uncomfortable which I didn’t think was possible but I guess this is only going to get worst over the coming few weeks. In my last post I explained that baby was back-to-back which was giving me awful back ache. After reading about ways to get baby to move into a more comfortable position I spent the week bouncing on my birthing ball (VERY comfortable for easing pelvic and back pain) and making sure that I sat up well and kept mobile. I think it worked as I’ve had reduced back pain and my bump seems to be more rounded again. Whatever has happened with baby’s positioning it’s made my back better! However I’ve been much more uncomfortable in the ‘pelvic’ region, sitting down is hard and my pubic bone absolutely screams at me if I’m rolling over in bed or getting up. Sorry, TMI.

I guess your body tells you when it needs a rest, which is exactly what happened yesterday… We had done the whole clean-the-whole-house thing and every inch had been scrubbed and bleached. I felt like I was on a roll so decided to go straight out and do a full shop to stock up. I was at the supermarket till when I suddenly felt AWFUL. Really hot, sweaty and I knew I was going to faint. The check out guy managed to grab a chair and I was moved into the office where an ambulance was called. I have never been SO embarrassed in my life. I felt a little better after some sugar and coke and sat in the office waiting for Andrew to come and pick me up. I was checked over by the paramedic and my vitals were fine- my BP was slightly raised but it has been in the later part of the pregnancy and I really didn’t think it was necessary to go to hospital. My blood sugar was fine, on the low side which meant it was probably even lower before the rescue coke.

Anyway I left feeling a little better and ate as soon as I got home. The whole horrid episode just reminded me that I need to eat more regularly (I completely skipped lunch and snacks in my cleaning frenzy) and rest often. I think we forget that pregnancy does put a massive load on your body- from increasing your blood circulatory volume to using up your electrolyte reserves much faster than if you weren’t carrying a whole other human. So I am suitably reminded that it’s important to rest and eat during these last few weeks!

I also have had some more painful braxton hicks in the later part of this week and a ‘show’. I won’t go into detail other than it was pretty obvious when it happened and I’ve some more since. I know this means my body is preparing for labour which is obviously a good sign but I also read that your cervix will ‘plug’ back up again if labour doesn’t start so I’m not getting too excited!

Another week done, and another week closer to meeting our baby. 🙂











3 thoughts on “37 Weeks.

  1. Faizah Zainal says:

    Were you diagnosed with spd? I had it since week 27 all the way till birth. It was so bad that I had to stop walking, getting up or even trying to sit. My pubic bone felt like it was broke . Haha.


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