38 weeks.

38 weeks and fully cooked as far as I’m concerned! I feel huge, I can no longer put my socks on by myself and I swear if I go a day longer I’m going to birth a monster 10lb baby. My face is getting fatter and my pubic bone is breaking every time I get up rollover walk move. But this little lady is obviously comfy and enjoying her warm stay, so the waiting continues.

We had our 38 week check which was fairly uneventful. Following my dramatic, embarrassing faint last week I hadn’t been feeling that great- I’d had an ongoing headache, some lights and spots in front of my eyes and generally just felt unwell. I discussed this with our midwife and had my blood pressure and urine checked. My BP has been creeping up throughout pregnancy but it’s never been consistently high enough to warrant worrying and my urine was clear. She took some bloods, including renal and liver function and uric acid which were all fine and I am feeling a lot better the last few days which makes me wonder if I just had a really bad migraine!

The nursery (read about it here), hospital bag (here) and house is completely ready so we really are just waiting now. I’ve been seeing friends and family most days and I’m so tired my afternoon/evenings usually consist of naps and a quiet dinner in front of the telly. I’m sure I’ll miss this period at times when I’m shattered and up all night so I am trying to make the most of the rest!

Sorry if this post is a little boring, there really isn’t much to report! We have a sweep booked in for the due date (13 days time) so I’ll post the gory details then!





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