Home with Ava- the first post.

We’ve been home now for nearly two weeks and I can’t imagine life without Ava. It’s been the hardest, most emotional, rewarding, amazing, overwhelming, exhausting, fascinating and loving time we’ve ever experienced. I have felt the lowest I’ve felt in a long, long time with the baby blues and equally have felt the most amazing love and pride with our baby. I used to think of myself when I woke. Now, I think of Ava and Andrew. I am a mother now, a lioness, part of a pride. We are now a unit, part of wider circle of precious family that have welcomed and loved our new addition so gratefully and gracefully that we are blessed to have them. And now, I have my own family and every waking moment is now theirs, ours. We protect our realm, we have closed circles in a bid to familiarise ourselves with our new roles and home is the most precious place on earth. I am truly grateful.




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