My body is amazing.

Nine weeks post Ava and my body has changed irrepably from how it was before pregnancy and birth. My boobs are HUGE (hey, I was a FF BEFORE I got pregnant), full and I’m sure they’re sagging more and more as the days go by (I’m surprised they’re not down to my knees with the weight). My stomach is flabby, stretch marked, and there are other certain areas that I’m not sure will ever be the same again (🙏🏻). 

But I’m healthy, eating well and back to my pre-pregnancy weight (just). Most of all, I’m proud. Before pregnancy, there was always something wrong with my body, something I wanted to change, someone else’s body I wished I had. But now, I’m mega proud.

This body created a life, grew her, protected her, birthed her and now continues to provide Ava with every nourishment she needs. It created a SOUL, one that will enjoy life’s precious moments long after we are gone. It isn’t perfect, but now I have far more respect for it than ever. I not only now want to be healthier, stronger, but I need to be. For Ava and Andrew.

So yes, I look in the mirror and grimace at my stomach sometimes. But then I remember.

This body is truly amazing.


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