Product review- The Sleepyhead

There was a time (see previous post) where Ava didn’t settle very well at night. After some recommendations from friends, I decided to order a ‘sleepyhead’ to see if it would help Ava sleep longer. I think I was at the point where I was totally obsessed over her sleeping, and desperately wanted to get more than a few hours at a time… After four months of broken sleep, I was exhausted. I have only really recently relaxed over Ava’s sleep pattern, since her sleep training. I absolutely don’t mind waking up numerous times a night to feed, with a smaller-than-average breast-fed baby we were always going to wake a bit more, but I really struggled with numerous wake-ups where Ava needed comfort, and not feeding. This might make me sounds like a bad mum, and of course I would comfort my baby whenever she needs me. But for Ava too, we both needed more sleep.

Anyway, I digress. So at 3am, crying (or whimpering, I was too tired to cry..) I went online, and spent over £100 for a brand new Sleepyhead. I was convinced this was the answer to my problems. Ava might even sleep ALL night with this miracle pillow!

I had been looking for one second hand- These things are pricey, but I hadn’t found one. I then figured if I got one new, covered it with a cot sheet (to protect it from dribble, wee, poo, delete as appropriate) then I could send it back if it didn’t work out. I was convinced it would be my saving grace, though.

Up to the point of sleep training, Ava would normally nap on my V pillow, on my bed. Whilst far from being ideal, this worked as A. I could get ready in the mornings and see her. B. I could nap next to her in the afternoons and C. I could put her dummy back in when needed (every 5 minutes until properly asleep). Ava has also never slept brilliantly on her back (she ‘flails’ out and wakes herself up), so I was hoping the Sleepyhead would help this problem, too.

So on with the review!

Firstly, I LOVED it. It was cosy, soft, if they made one in adult size I would totally be sleeping in one. Ava slept on her back and napped in it straight away. She slept in her cot a little better, too, although still woke numerous times a night (There goes the magic spell I was hoping for…).

BUT. Personally, I found it too small, even for Ava. The sleepyhead Infant is meant to last until six months, but even Ava, who weighs just 12lbs at four months, was nearing its capacity. How do babies fit in these at six months? You can open the bottom to allow greater length, but any baby plumper than Ava might be struggling before then. The next size up is a ‘Grande’, which is way bigger. I think they need an ‘inbetween’ size.

In the end, though, we realised Ava’s sleeping problems were routed in her dummy, and not in her bed/moses basket/ feeding regime/ tummy/ temperature of the room/ clothing. Yep, I was neurotic.

The day we started our sleep training, I sent the sleepyhead back. I figured that Ava might learn to sleep in it, but it wouldn’t be long before she needed to move into the cot, or we would need to spend another £160 on the bigger version, and then lug it everywhere we went just in case she couldn’t sleep in a normal bed. That being said, I would totally get this for my next baby for the early, fourth trimester, days. The hours where your need to lay with your baby safely, or actually go for a wee and eat and need to lay them somewhere where they feel safe- This is totally perfect. It’s a definite purchase for the next baby.

Does anyone have one? What do you think of them?


You can check them out here:




Until next time xxx




2 thoughts on “Product review- The Sleepyhead

  1. missbeckymuz says:

    I’ve been considering one of these as Ivy has become a terrible sleeper recently. She is 3 months now and won’t settle to sleep unless held and I don’t want it to become a routine as its exhausting us already and it’s only been a couple of weeks! She won’t really take a dummy so we know that isn’t an issue. She tends to root around and cry like she wants feeding but once laid on mine or hubby’s chest she falls asleep and seems to forget this!
    Tempted to order a sleepyhead and cover like you did to send back if it doesn’t work 🙂


    • Tori says:

      You could certainly try it! Yep- just put a small sheet over it and then return it if it doesn’t work- we got ours from Amazon as they also collect if you want to return! Hope her sleeping gets better. Xxx


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