18 Weeks

Hi all! Just a quick one about how our little ray of sunshine is coming along. I have lots of posts in the pipeline, but finding the time to write them is proving difficult! I would have thought by now that I would have more time on my hands, but actually, life is even more busy these days. Ava and I attend quite a few classes (Bumps and Babes, Massage, Sensory play, Waterbabies) and see our other mummy-and-baby friends, and home life consists of naptimes, playtimes and family times….

Ava is growing so fast, although is still on the smaller side for her age- we’re still in 0-3 month clothes! However she has moved from the 0.2nd percentile to the 25th and is staying on that line quite well. She has had some amazing ‘leaps’ this month- She is chattering away most of the time and has a few more coo’s and sounds. She is sitting, unaided, for short amounts of time and would much rather sit up then lay down to play. She rolls from front to back, and is working hard to roll the other way. She has found her feet, is still fascinated by mugs/cups (although isn’t allowed to touch them) and has laughed for the first time this week!

She is also teething, which is making her pretty miserable and resulting in a few weeks of AWFUL nights. This, combined with the four month-fussy-sleep regression phase means we’re back to two hourly wake-ups, which is pretty exhausting nearly five months down the line. I have to remind myself during the hardest night-time hours that this won’t be forever, and I am so blessed to be a mother. I know there are people who wish for nothing more than to be doing this and in every way Ava is perfect. I just wish she would sleep a little more….I’m still waiting for the so called ‘sleeping through’! Made even worse when you hear those smug mummies talking about how their little 7 week 0ld sleeps from 7pm to 7am. Oh, do me a favour.

We have thought about starting the weaning process, although the best clinical evidence now points towards six months being the earliest one should wean their child. Any earlier than this and children can have gut and allergy problems later on. Having said this, Ava is sitting up unaided for short periods of time and is definitely becoming a little interested in food-We let her hold and touch foods from our plates so she becomes used to smells and textures -so perhaps we’ll start a little earlier. I plan to do a combination of purree and baby-led weaning.

So that’s it for this week- a few highs and lows for Ava and I. Some amazing developmental leaps, and a lot of sleepless night and dribbles. Hey, they don’t call them Wonderweeks for nothing, do they?


Until next time. xx





































































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