The English Summer 

It’s been some funny weather in sunny-old-England this week. We had a few days of HOT weather (anything over 22 degrees and we whack out the shorts and flip flops), and the last week has been warm, muggy and either drizzling with rain, or cloudy. Hard to know what to dress Ava in…– I don’t want her to overheat   But it’s raining- surely she should be more covered?

I definitely don’t dress Ava as a girly girl- I’m not the biggest fan of pink and I like a nice trouser/vest/dungaree combo for chill out/errand days. But in this weather I’ve taken to putting her in dresses with a light vest and no tights. This way, she’s cool enough but still covered. I can always just add tights or a cardigan. Layers are definitely key in baby dressing!

Here’s what we’re wearing today:

This was gifted to us at our baby shower and is from the Holly Willoughby Collection. It’s courdroy, but with only a thin cotton petticoat, it’s perfect for a warm drizzly day like today.

You can find the collection Here. Plus, they currently have 20% off!



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