6 months old! 

Hi friends!

Ava was 6 months old yesterday, and in weeks she’s 27. They never correlate do they? This month…

  • She rolls both ways competently.
  • She stands and wobbles with just a little help.
  • She loves to bounce anywhere.
  • She has a sense of distance, and can tell when mummy or daddy are no longer near her- cue an attachment ‘fussy’ phase where she needed lots of reassurance that we wern’t leaving her!
  • She is very close to saying ‘hello’, ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ -she certainly sounds like she says them but they sent in context, yet.
  • She is solely formula fed, unless she wants a little comfort feed, which is every few days.
  • She has two bottom teeth!
  • She likes to grab mummy’s eyes/nose/face, resulting in mummy trying to cover up various scratches on her face while making yet another mental note to cut Ava’s nails.
  • She is on her way to crawling.

How time flies! Our lives are busy and so rewarding. I can’t imagine leaving Ava and going back to work, although I’m sure the day will come around before I know it. Ava is booked into a nursery, and I go back full time to nursing in December.

I’m going to make the most of the last few months and the summer. We’re still doing our swimming lessons, lots of play groups and have just started a music class!

Ava at her new music sensory class

Yesterday we went on a windy rainy walk with my sister, who is 20 weeks pregnant with her second child, and Ava’s cousin Charlie, who’s 4. She adores him, and he always gets lots of smiles and chats from her. I can’t wait for Ava to toddle off after him, and for her and the new baby to be best friends. Equally, she’s growing so fast and it seems like yesterday that I felt her kicking in my tummy- So I’m not sure I’m ready for her to toddle.

We also see the girls and babies from my NCT course and we still meet weekly, five months after our course ended. The support, advice and laughs these ladies have given me has been such a blessing,  and signing up for the course was the best thing I could have done after having Ava. If you have one near you- sign up!

Ava’s friends from NCT

The first few weeks of swapping birth, feeding, sleep and relationship anecdotes and stories was invaluable to me, and helped me normalise what I was going through. Comparing notes (but not babies!) is so great when you are a first time mum, as you have no idea what to expect, or how you should feel about things.

SO! In the next few weeks these wonderful ladies will be guest blogging with me, and sharing their stories. The first series will be all about The Birth, and I can’t wait for them to share their experiences with you.

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Until next time,


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