Food before one is just for fun

But it’s not, is it? Because weaning (or lack of!) is hard work. And they say it should be fun and, by gosh, I’m trying to make it fun, but Ava has stopped eating. like, Stopped.

She was sick, a few weeks ago. And by sick, I mean projectile vomiting. Something out of the exorcist. And then it was the other end and after a few weeks of that, and a stool sample to check for any infections the Doctor decided Ava should try a cows milk protein free diet. So we’re on CMF formula, and although it smells AWFUL Ava had taken to it really well, the trooper. 

Except since then, she has basically refused to eat. She picks food up, might bring it to her mouth or lick it but she definitely is no where near where she was. And because she’s not eating, we’re back to nightly milk wake-ups! 

I’ve tried puree’s, baby-led, no spoons, two spoons. I KNOW she’ll eat one day and I know she’ll get everything she needs from milk but it seems she’s regressing. Which babies do. I KNOW all of this, but I still have to repeat the Mantra…

Food before one is just for fun! 

But if anyone has any ideas on how to get my baby to eat, that would be swell. 
Until next time! 



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