7 months old!

How quickly do these months go!? Ava grows, learns and changes every day. Each day is different, and that is what I love about motherhood. Every achievement Ava celebrates, I celebrate too. I’m willing her on, always, and each new development astounds me.

Vital stats: 

Weight: It’s been a few weeks since we got Ava weighed, but I’m guessing about 20lbs.

Percentile: 75th! This is incredible, as Ava was on the 0.2nd when she was born. The last one was calculated during the period where she was guzzling milk and not eating or moving so much, I actually think she might have lost a little or moved down (or grown taller!) so we’ll get her weighed this week at our local health visitor clinic.

Clothing: Ava is LONG. And petite on top. So we’re already in 9-12month/12-18month trousers. They’re long enough, but too big around her tummy so elasticated/drawstring waists are always helpful! She’s wearing 3-6month tops (and even fits into her 0-3 months t-shirts!) so that gives you an idea of how long her legs are.


Ava is STILL trying to crawl. She managed forward once, and I got ever so excited, but she hasn’t done it since! Don’t worry, I’m making the most of being able to put her down and her having a fairly limited wander-ground. She can rock, and crawl/push herself backwards, and rolls all over the place. How does one even get ready in the morning when you have a crawler? Answers on a postcard please (Or in the comments section below). Also, We have our first word!

It was “Dada”.

Yep. LIVID about it. Haha, not really. It was the cutest sound. I’m sure we’ve had ‘duck’ too, and something that sounded like ‘Dog’. No whisper of ‘Mama’, though.

This month I’m struggled to work out what I should be doing in terms of meals/milk feeds. Each person I speak to does something different, and I wonder if I’m still feeding Ava too much milk. But she’s eating three meals now, and does refuse milk if she is full, so I think I’ll wait and stick to our three/four bottles of milk a day , for now. I’ll probably try to drop the 9am or 3pm bottle at some point, but I also think that 12pm-5.30pm is quite a long time without anything (Although she could have a snack or water)

This is our routine currently:
5.30am– 4oz bottle.  Ava used to wake at 7am, but the last week has been waking a lot earlier. I’ve taken to giving her a few ounces and a cuddle to get her back to sleep until 7, but really I should probably try just water and a cuddle and get rid of this 4oz!

8am– Breakfast- Usually warm porridge/weetabix, yoghurt, fruit or toast fingers. Water

9am– 7oz Bottle, Nap.

12pm– Lunch- I try to get protein into this one, as Ava is often tired at dinnertime. So meat- ham/chicken/fish, fruit, muffins, sandwich, purree fruits. Water. Mostly foods Ava can pick up herself.

3pm– 6oz bottle, Nap.

5.30pm– What we have had the evening before, cooked without salt. Something like chicken and rice, salmon and mash potato, spaghetti bolognaise, pasta. Followed by fruit, yoghurt or an organice dessert. Water. Again, I always put something on the tray for Ava to feed herself with but also help her as by this point she’s tired!

6.30pm– Bathtime.

7pm– 8oz Bottle, Bedtime.

I’m not sure if this is ok, or what is ‘right’, but Ava is growing beautifully, and is happy, so I’ll just go with instincts on this front.

Finally, I’m ever excited to announce the first of the ‘In the Club‘ guest bloggers , Laura, will be posting her birth story this week! The first in the ‘Birth Story’ series, she will be describing her birth experiences in beautifully honest detail. Stay tuned!





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