8 months old. 

I need my little baby to stop growing! Time is going WAY too fast, I’m desperately clinging on to the last few precious months of maternity leave and savouring each day with my precious baby.

We have a crawling Ava, with (almost) FOUR teeth, and this month we have eaten lots of new foods, played, had a horrible cold, sat in the shopping trolley for the first time, enjoyed the swings, started our new term of swimming lessons and have been planning Ava’s naming ceremony, which is in two weeks. I’m also preparing to start a new course at work, requiring evenings of research and revision- so we are busy bee’s! So by way of a brief update, here’s some pictures of the last few weeks.



Note to self- I must start taking Instagram-worthy photos, and include myself in them!!


Until Next time,




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