October Leaves

October is over (See what I did with the title there?) and it’s been a lovely, long, exciting, scary and learning-curve kind of month!

Ava is now 9 months old, and is a delight, of course. She crawls everywhere, walks with furniture and her walker (with help), laughs a lot, claps, points, knows exactly what she wants or needs most of the time (Unless it’s sleep…) and has the sunniest temperament. We called her a ‘little Diva’ too, because she won’t do something if she doesn’t want to at the moment. If she doesn’t want what we are trying to give her for dinner, she’ll chuck it off the highchair and shake her head. When I say “no” she’ll just shrug. I’m sure this is just a phase, and I like the fact she is learning autonomy. If I’m stern enough and move her away from things (plugs, the fireplace) she doesn’t do it again for a few minutes…so I guess she’s learning! We both are. Sometimes I feel like a total fraud disciplining someone else. Who let me be the boss all of a sudden?

We have had a BUSY month. Ava had her Naming Ceremony (seperate post coming!), I have started to return to work, I started a new Msc module at a new university and we have been planning a holiday for us all to return to Barbados for Ava (and me!) to finally meet Andrew’s family. We’ve also finished our baby classes (sad times!) and have been out with family a lot. it’s been a truly wonderful month, I feel like I have savoured it as now, officially, my maternity leave is over. It has made me incredibly sad to think that soon I’ll be back at work full time and Ava will be at nursery and her grandparents, but I’m fortunate to be in a job where my full time hours (13 hour days, anyone?) fit into just three days a week so I’ll still have lots of time with Ava.

Sunnyfields Pumpkin Festival 

I’ve never been bothered about Halloween, and I’m not sure if I’ll be taking Ava trick or treating anytime soon, but I love Autumn. The colours, the new fresh chill in the air, fireworks, wrapping up warm, and pumpkins lighting up houses. I’ve never carved a pumpkin before, but these times are always more fun and special with children in tow, so Ava and I went to a local pumpkin festival with my sister (who is expecting her second child very soon- excited, much!) and Ava’s cousin Charlie. Ava LOVES Charlie, she follows him around everywhere and I love seeing them together. Sometimes I can’t wait to have another little baby, and a brother or sister for Ava. We have so much going on at the moment and we definitely don’t have the space for another one, but all in good time. I can have newborn cuddles but the next family baby, very soon!

Here’s some pictures of our family day out at the festival:


 In the coming few weeks I’ll be preparing for the holiday- it’ll be Ava’s first time on a plane, and it’s a ten-hour flight, so any tips would be appreciated. I’m planning on lots of toys, cuddles and milk, plus her favourite food! We’ve managed to secure front seats with a sky cot, which should make things easier and the flight there is a day flight which is good as she’ll nap anywhere, generally.  The way back is a night flight, so I’m a little more concerned that we’ll keep people awake, but hopefully Ava will sleep!

Ava also has her first settling in session at nursery next week, for an hour. I’m actually looking forward to it now, as she loves other children and new activities so hopefully she’ll enjoy it. It will be me that cries!

Lots of Love



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