Heatwave days 

It's been SO hot in England the last week- it's been beautiful, and sunny but oh-so-hot for Ava. We've embraced it by spending all of our days outside playing, paddling, crafting and gardening. The padding pool, ice lollies, the garden hose and a fan inside have been our saviour this week.  Hope you're all well, … Continue reading Heatwave days 


The Little Things

Ava is teething, and has a cold, and a cough. She hasn't cried and grizzled like this since the early colic days circa 6-13 weeks. She has bright red cheeks, massive molar gum lumps, a horrible cough and a tired mummy and daddy. We have dosed up, cuddled, distracted, fresh-aired, bounced, cooled and bathed. Most … Continue reading The Little Things